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The regular dues for the Association are $10 a year for 2 years. Of course, you can pay further ahead if you desire. If you are the spouse of a deceased crewmember and still want to participate in the reunions, you are not required to pay dues, but please let Carl know of your intentions. 

Lifetime memberships are available for a one-time payment of $100.00.  If you become a Liftetime member, you will receive a membership card. Once you pay this amount, you will no longer be required to pay annual dues. The Lifetime membership is being offered so the Association can build a cash  fund for the purpose of purchasing merchandise and obtaining working capital for future reunions.To see the current list of Alumni members, select the "Alumni Members" button to the left.

It was decided by our Board of Directors that all Plank Owners will be given Lifetime memberships.
All Plank Owners, and those of you who would like to become Lifetime Members, please let me know how you would like your name to appear on your Lifetime membership card.

Please mail your dues check, made out to USS Charr Alumni Association,
($20 for regular members)
($100 for Lifetime members (include info on your name appearance))
($0 for Plank Owners - submit name info only)
USS Charr Alumni Association
1900 Rollingwood Road
Baltimore, MD 21228

For questions, call Carl at 410-747-7292 or email
For a copy of the CREW LIST,  email 
The USS Charr Alumni Association was formed in 2003 to provide former Charr crewmembers a vehicle to keep the memories of the Charr alive. The association also provides the planning and delivery of a periodic reunions for the members and their families. The current reunion cycle is now every 2 years. 

Assocation dues help support the reunion, reunion site hotel bookings, mailings and Charr's website. Your cooperation in this regard will help the officers of the Association keep the memory of the USS Charr (SS328)  alive for those who have served aboard this fine submarine.