This book has consumed over six years of effort to bring you the stories of undersea warriors from over 100 different boats. It reads like "McHale's Navy" of the Silent Service and is always entertaining to the men who rode these boats to the benefit of their country's national security. Many a boat sailor has refreshed their memories of some of the good and wild times, thus flashing back to the simpler, happier times, through the stress of their duties while serving in the Fearless and Peerless Submarine Force.
The book is available at in Kindle format and also available for all other electronic media. It is also available there as a  5" x 8" x 672-page Paperback. For those that still want the tactility of  holding  and enjoying a book, I offer a signed copies by emailing me for more details at
Enjoy the read as many of our brothers have already done. Oh, and there is a Glossary in the back for the uninitiated. A portion of the of the sales is donated to the USSVI.

Thank you for your interest, Jim Schenk