3 November - Underway for WESTPAC #4
12 November - 1115, arrived Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Monday)
15 November - Thursday, Underway from Pearl (my birthday), just
another birthday underway...heading west!
22 November - Thursday, "Happy Thanksgiving" somewhere out in the blue
Pacific and it is bumpy as hell. Had to dive to eat the
Thanksgiving meal.
1&2 December - Arrived Yokosuka Japan (0800). Pay Day / Liberty at 1500
"toxon stinko" by 1800. The White Hat was jumping.
Pockahontas(?) is still the Momma San. In port on Sunday
had a party at the Kanko and "itchi bon atsui furu".
- Monday, underway 0600, no feelie too good na!
13 December - 40 days out, arrived NAHA, Okinawa at 0930 Thursday
..great liberty...underway 0630 Friday..heading North???
22 December - Arrived Yokosuka for upkeep (If I told you what we did
for eight days I'd have to kill you!) Christmas eve at
the White Hat. Sterlet (392) my last boat is in. Stayed
at Kanko with Crawl and Ramage, etc., New Year's eve we
had a party at the Kanko.....Seva, Keith, McGee & Webster
partied on......This was a very drunk upkeep but we busted
our butts!
4 January - Underway at 0400 heading South for a change..Cold and rough!
17 January - Arrived KOBE , Japan with the Yorktown, Sterlet and
Task Force
22 January - Underway from KOBE with Sterlet, heading North again.
30 January - Arrived Yokosuka due to flooding After Engine Room
31 January - Underway with fwd engine room running.
1 February - Returned to Yokosuka for repairs and upkeep
Another ship's party at the Minato Hotel 8,9,10..Gooood!
12 February - Underway for Subic Bay. Sterlet along.
25 February - Arrived Subic Bay for repairs and upkeep.
We are beating this old sewer pipe up! I had
bad case of hives or something so Doc locked me down
for seven days. (Bad batch of Suntory or whatever???)
4 March - Underway for Hong Kong (4 months gone)
16 March - Arrived Hong Kong tied up to TAMAR Basin. Terrific port
visit but ran out of money after about three days
(5.75-1) so stood Shore Patrol with the station ship
and Her Majesty's tiger troops. Lost $58.00 at the
Horse track!
23 March - Underway from TAMAR Basin heading for NAHA, Okinawa
2 April - Arrived NAHA for fuel and repairs.
5 April - Underway, heading for Japan
7 April - Arrived Nagoya, Japan along with Coucal ASR(8)
10 April - Underway heading North
11 April - Arrived Yokosuka for last upkeep before transit home
17 April - Underway from Yokosuka 0800, sayonara
1 May - Arrived Pearl Harbor for fuel and repairs
2 May - Underway, heading for San Diego
10 May - Arrived San Diego. Barbara standing on the pier from New
York...first white woman I had seen in18 months so
decided to get married!

WESTPAC isn't as much fun as it used to be. I crossed the brow X three
to make trips but was really glad this one was over. My first WESTPAC was
on the Sea Devil (SS-400) in 1957-58(?).....13 months....it was great!
This one......188 days; 62 days in port; 126 days at sea was forever.
I got sucked up into the FBM program and the first transit and patrol was
128 days. That was two forevers!

Last memo in my book..."Don't ever let NRF shop 51 in Yokosuka work on 400
cycle or 60 cycle MG sets!".(Thought you might like to know for your next

Just ran across some additional names from 62-63
Seva........I think it was Seva who tried to kill me in the after engine
room lower flats fire by screwing up my OBA! Seva, if your still with it,
take the disk out!!!!